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Our hotel has not only a unique location – in the heart of Old Riga, a minute’s walk from the Dome Cathedral – but also a unique concept and offbeat image. That is a mark of the particular respect to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle literary works, as well as our love expression to the legendary character of his stories – Sherlock Holmes.


Fans of the British writer’s talent can rightly consider the hotel to be a museum of the great detective since each hotel room features interior decoration and other artifacts of the Victorian era, as well as art references, signs and even riddles related to the investigation of Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson. All rooms and apartments are named after either Conan Doyle’s detective stories’ characters, or bear the names of the high-profile cases uncovered by Holmes.


The hotel has only seventeen apartments of such categories as Suite, Superior and Studio, designed in the style of the Victorian era, ranging from 30 to 63 square meters. At the same time, each room has its individual upscale decor and ambience associated with a character or a detective case it is named after. Most of the apartments are two-bedroom with a kitchen area, equipped with necessary appliances, as well as seating and workspace areas, and an elegant bathroom.


Our hotel service concept reveals a personalized touch achieved by Concierge assistance. Our guests are welcome to bespeak certain services and receive them on arrival or during their stay. But the key thing that makes your stay at the hotel unforgettable is the atmosphere – an invisible presence of the all-time detective, even in little things. Although, as Mr. Holmes once said, “It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.

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