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ART in the name of our hotel is not a fashion for concepts. It is a true passion of the hotel’s owners for art, and their wish to turn the hotel into some creative space. Under the brand name of Sherlock we are planning to host art and music events, meet-the-artists events and other exciting happenings. Our guests will have the opportunity not only to get the high-quality individualized experience, but also to appreciate the ambiance of art and creativity.


July 26 was a special day for Riga’s “Sherlock”. You already know, and the name of the hotel tells it, what our story is about. It is so fascinating and beloved, like its protagonist that we took a decision to enrich it with a new chapter. Riga and Sherlock Holmes have been long interchained in a creative and cinematographic way. The hotel owners made their contribution to this long-standing union and impressed the city with a new art object – the sculpture of the great detective. The author of the work is the Russian sculptor and graphic artist Oleg Zakomorny, Honored Artist of Russia, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

We are sure that this sculptural composition will become one of the favorite sights for Riga residents and guests, and, possibly, a pilgrimage destination for the Sherelokians from all over the world. Anyway, already now tourists cannot pass by our Sherlock so as not to touch (and literally too!) our history.


Our hotel hosted the opening of the exhibition by Alexei Chaykasov, a participant of plenty of international and Russian exhibitions, a member of the Moscow branch of the Artists Union of Russia. The works presented were united by a common classy idea, and the exhibition had the name symbolic for Sherlock – THE WOMAN. Probably you remember that is how the famous detective named the incomparable adventurer Irene Adler he had a special attitude to. The event turned out to be intimate, cozy and exciting for connoisseurs of contemporary painting. Once again we got convinced that our hotel is a perfect place for unique art projects.


We are always ready to open our hotel doors of our hotel for unique art projects. We got acquainted with the fascinating photographer Al Lapkovsky, who is now working over his conceptual photo project “Disconnecting Connection”. Several works from the series were shot in our hotel. And we are happy to be a part of this meaningful event.

We are disappearing, cease to exist. We can’t imagine our lives without the blue screens. We are bombarded with news, updates and statuses. We’ve got thousands of friends and yet we’re alone. We are semi-transparent, lost in the blue light of useless information flow and a fake feeling of belonging. The main goal of this art project is to illustrate how we keep disconnected from the reality and thus loosing key life values… Let’s value the real life. Do not disappear. There is so much beauty around us.


Latvian National Opera and Ballet is one of the favorite theatres of Riga inhabitants and guests. You don’t need to speak Italian for enjoying the opera. And the language of classical and modern dance has no national or linguistic boundaries. And yet there is always an enigma in the dance – the code you are eager to spell out. We invited an elegant couple, the principle of the Latvian National Ballet Victoria Jansone and its soloist Alexander Osadchy, to dance this enigma in our Suite room with the symbolic name “Dancing Code”.



Transfer from/to airport

Our guests are welcome to contact the hotel in advance for ordering a transfer from the airport. You just need to fill in the request form attached, specifying the details (flight number and time, your contact phone number). You can also book a transfer from the hotel to the airport addressing our concierges at the reception desk.

Room cleaning

We are keeping order and cleanliness in your room. However, if you need extra cleaning of your apartment, please fill in the request form or address our concierge.

Food & Beverage

At present our apartment hotel doesn’t serve breakfast and we have no restaurant. But our guests have the opportunity to make a preliminary order for food products and beverages, which will be delivered to their apartments till their arrival, as well as a breakfast package, – please fill in the request form below.

Guided tours and tickets for events

If you know for sure what tours or cultural events you’d like to visit in Riga, we will support you with organization issues. Please fill in the request form or address our concierge.