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Our hotel’s history has begun with a landmark event. When starting the restoration of the building dating back to 1898, we found a mysterious wooden box under the floorboards in one of the rooms. In the cache, there were pencil drawings, brushes and a letter from a certain Sir Arthur Conan Doyle dated 10 November 1901. The paper has almost moldered and we could read just one phrase but we were mesmerized by it:

“Mr. Zarins, thank you! The bookplate is brilliant – that is exactly what I need!”

An ex libris draft with the initials of the famous writer was in the same box. The further investigation show that the letter could be addressed to the most famous Latvian draughtsman of that time Rihards Zarins who had been allegedly living in this room. Alas, we couldn’t find any clear evidence of acquaintance and corresponding of the writer and the artist, but such a riddle in Sherlock’s best traditions could not but be transformed into a telling idea.

Besides, since 2011, there has been a yearly fancy-dress parade in celebration of Sherlock Holmes’s birthday passing in front of the hotel, and the neighboring street is the one where the Soviet Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson movies were filmed. More than sufficient signs and “clues”! So, the hotel got its name, image and became the Riga headquarters of 221B Baker Street.